Up Close with Dr. Karen Bavaro-Lawlor

Dr. Bavaro-Lawlor founded the Bavaro Chiropractic Center in Woodbury, Connecticut in 1992 to better serve the needs of the local residents and those of the surrounding community. She often holds Office Workshops and Health-Oriented Lectures which are open to the public.

Dr. Karen Bavaro-Lawlor was born and raised in Staten Island, New York. She completed her pre-chiropractic education at Wagner College in New York, where she graduated with a Bachelorís of Science Degree in Chemistry. She received her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Dr. Bavaro-Lawlor has also completed a 3-year post-graduate program, earning a Diplomate in the American Chiropractic Academy of Neurology. This additional training makes her equipped to handle more difficult cases. To continually further her knowledge in the field of Chiropractic, related health fields, and current health issues, Dr. Bavaro-Lawlor attends numerous post-graduate courses and programs, both locally and out-of-state, on a regular bases. She has studied extensive post-graduate training in acupuncture, and is a certified acupuncturist through the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture.

Dr. Bavaro-Lawlor is a Member of the Connecticut Chiropractic Council, the National Business Association of Chiropractors (NBAC), and a Diplomate in the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners.  She pays special attention to chronic and difficult cases. Personal Injury, Auto, Work-Related and Sports Injuries are handled regularly. Her office is equipped to provide her patients with the latest therapeutic and adjunctive therapies. Quality care is provided to patientís of all ages, from newborn babies to seniors. Dr. Bavaro-Lawlor also consults with her patients regarding exercise, nutrition, weight loss and stress reduction.  Dr. Bavaro-Lawlor has special interest in pregnancy and pediatric care.  She is a retired Greater Waterbury La Leche League leader and continues to advise mother's on nursing issues with their babies. She is married with three children of her own.

Chiropractic care promotes optimal functioning of the spine and the nervous system. It is highly recommended for neck pain, back pain, headaches, arm and leg pain, and pregnancy related issues, allergies, asthma, etc. Ö  It is also a valuable source of preventive healthcare. Chiropractic care has continued to grow in popularity as a safe and natural means of healthcare.  Many people young and old receive chiropractic care as part of a healthy lifestyle. 


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