Pre Postnatal Care


Chiropractic is extremely beneficial during pregnancy. Due to the increased frontal weight bearing, the mother is much more prone to low back and leg pain .

In fact, in the last trimester, one of the most common complications of pregnancy is low back pain. Gentle chiropractic adjustments can realign the pelvis and take pressure off of the nerves, thus eliminating low back pain and leg discomfort.

In addition, many women have found that by keeping optimum mobility and function in their pelvic and low back bone, they actually have less complications and easier labor and delivery.

Dr. Bavaro is very skilled in acupuncture services for pregnant women. Postnatal spinal care is extremely important, in order to realign the shifted low back and pelvic bones and speed up recovery time for mother.

Dr. Bavaro-Lawlor understands first hand all the pre and postnatal stressors on women, as she herself is the mother of three children. She enjoys working with the women, mothers and babies of her community. She is also a retired Greater Waterbury La Leche League leader and served many years coordinating and running local chapter meetings and providing group and individual nursing advice and assistance.  She routinely receives referrals for obstetricians and midwives in the area.



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