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At Bavaro Chiropractic Center, we carry a wide variety of supplies to improve your overall health. These include neck and low back support pillows, hot and cold packs, as well a nutritional supplements.

"Back HuggarTM", low back support pillows.

We carry "Back HuggarTM", low back support pillows. If you are among the 70 million Americans who suffer chronic back pain and fatigue, the Back-HuggarTM is your key to ultimate seating comfort--in the car, at home, almost anywhere!Back Huggar

Developed by a leading physician, the Back-HuggerTM, makes almost any seat more comfortable by exerting soothing pressure against back muscles and discs. It literally "hugs" the lower back, easing tension and relieving back pain caused by spinal nerve compression. Additionally , the Back-HuggarTM helps to maintain proper posture and reduce fatigue.

Bucket Seat
bucket seat
Same great support as traditional only beveled in back for bucket seats and curved back chairs.
The original design for bench seats and straight back chairs.
secretary huggar
Exactly the same as the standard, except with vertical loops for strap to secure to steno and computer chairs.
x-wide huggar
Large size to correctly support wide lumbar regions. 2½ inches wider than orginal.
OptiRest Neck Support Pillow
Opti Rest Pillow
How Important Is Your Pillow?
Actually it is very important! In addition to being comfortable for sleeping, your pillow should also provide proper support. Your doctor recommends OptiRest-the optimum in comfort and support.
Here's why....
  • It helps your neck rest in its natural position
  • It helps your spine regain its natural curve
  • It helps improve your circulation and breathing
  • It helps your muscles relax so you awake refreshed
  • It helps reduce stress and pain
With the OptiRest cervical pillow you can be assured of getting all these benefits. The unique center shape and two sizes of neck rolls are specifically designed to provide the correct anatomical support your body needs while you sleep. That helps the adjustments you get last longer. The high quality, hypoallergenic fibers are consistently resilient, ensuring optimum comfort for restful sleep night after night. And OptiRest is backed by a full ONE-YEAR GUARANTEE!




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